Who are we?

Company History

The Skyhawk team is part of PICA Product Development (PPD). PPD, formed by combining the resources of a highly experienced and creative product development company, with the resources of PICA Manufacturing Solutions (PMS), a global company with expertise in manufacturing and procurement.

PICA has a 25-year history of helping facilitate various OEM product development and production efforts. Some of these products, such as smartphones, wearables, medical devices, and bar code readers, are in use on a consistent, day-to-day basis. Our forte is providing production volumes over 100K pieces per week.

Using our diverse resources and talent, we are poised to play a significant part in the evolution of theĀ Internet of Things (IoT).

Our Mission

We provide products and solutions that save our customers, time, money, and ultimately, allow peace of mind. We will be responsive to the needs and views of our business and customers. We will provide them the ability to simplify and cost-effectively monitor their remotely deployed belongings and assets.