Skyhawk Kiwi IR - White (left) and Gray (right)

Mobile Alerts Whenever Your RV or Camper Is Accessed

Skyhawk’s Kiwi IR line of sensors makes monitoring your RV easy. Receive alerts on your mobile device whenever activity is detected.

Requiring no external power or Wi-Fi connections, Kiwi IRs can be installed in moments and don’t require hardwiring or permanent mounting of any kind.

Unlike other security and monitoring systems, Skyhawk’s sensors are affordable, a cinch to deploy, and easy to use.

Infrared Sensor

The Kiwi IR detects motion around the unit

LTE Connection

Cellular coverage reaches where Wi-Fi can’t

Long-Lasting Battery

No need for external power; batteries typically last 2+ years

Hassle-Free Installation, Streamlined User Experience

Skyhawk empowers users to monitor their recreational vehicles from their smart devices, sending timestamped alerts when activity is detected in or around their recreational vehicles.

Installation is easy: Register the sensor with a smart device and mount it in the location to be monitored. No hardwired connections for power or internet are required, making it easy to deploy Kiwi IRs in virtually any location.

Skyhawk offers peace of mind without the expense and maintenance of hardwired security systems.

No Wi-Fi. No Power. No Problem

RV and Camper Monitoring

The Skyhawk CE App

The Skyhawk CE App serves as the control center for all of your deployed Kiwi units. Monitor battery status, manage notifications, and add and remove sensors as needed through a streamlined user interface.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Skyhawk CE receives regular updates to ensure mobile device compatibility and to add new features as the platform evolves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kiwi features a water-resistant design that allows it to function in inclement weather and outdoor applications.

The Kiwi’s LTE connection is included in your device’s monthly subscription, no additional cellular plan or SIM card is required.

No, all fees and activation requirements are handled by Skyhawk.