Personal Use

Monitor Belongings & Remote Assets

Security and monitoring for every day uses

Have peace of mind knowing that belongings, remote assets, and locations are always being monitored with around the clock security.

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What Can I Monitor?

Monitor almost anything here, there, or virtually anywhere.

Add security and around the clock monitoring to just about anything virtually anywhere. Receive real-time activity alerts when belongings, remote assets, and locations get accessed, touched, moved, or opened.

Shed & Outdoor Storage

Monitor access to your shed and its contents, as well as what’s around it such as gardening equipment, trailers, stored vehicles, and more.

Gate & Entry Access

Stay aware of unauthorized access to any yard, complex, work location, or home with notifications sent right to your smart device.

Firearm Storage & Safety

Peace of mind knowing your high-risk belongings remain closed off from those inside and outside your home.

Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are nearly endless with Skyhawk technology – monitor your mailbox and package delivery, equipment stored far from home or work, or almost anything, virtually anywhere*.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get notified anywhere

With the Skyhawk CE™ App and compatible devices get alerted in real-time when belongings, remote assets, and locations get touched, accessed, or opened almost anywhere.

Package Delivery Alert

Core Features

Multi-Use Sensor Technology

Sensors Built for Virtually Any Scenario

Monitor your belongings how you want to – make use of Skyhawk’s built-in motion detection, magnetic entry sensor, or both. (Magnet kit sold separately)

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Remote Security

Monitor important assets almost anywhere

We spend a lot of time making sure that our belongings are secure and where we originally left them, but that access to those items remains limited or closed-off if necessary. Locations where we keep belongings that require vigilant monitoring are ideal for Skyhawk’s remote monitoring technology.

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Stay Connected

Real-time monitoring wherever you go

Skyhawk devices can be attached to virtually any item that you would like to monitor and receive real-time notifications for, by text, email, or through the Skyhawk CE™ app. When one of your belongings or assets are touched, moved, or opened, the internal motion sensor will trigger, sending a notification alert so that you can take appropriate action.

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*Wherever Verizon Wireless LTE coverage is available.
**Actual battery life depends upon the frequency of notifications and cellular network conditions.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.