Self-Storage Security & Monitoring

Real-time security and monitoring for self-storage units

Receive alerts of self-storage unit and stored asset tampering with real-time security and monitoring without the need for Wi-Fi or power connections.

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What Can I Monitor?

Monitor your self-storage unit and other stored assets

With the Skyhawk self-storage monitoring platform of products, the monitoring of virtually anything in and around your storage unit made possible thanks to a powerful cellular connection.

Access to Your Storage Unit

The Skyhawk’s built-in PIR sensor notifies you of any intrusion and access to your storage unit, so you can take appropriate action.


Outside Your Storage Unit

Using the Skyhawk’s internal motion sensor, your belongings external to your storage unit can now be remotely monitored as well.

Inside Your Storage Unit

The contents within your storage unit should remain safely there; with a Skyhawk self-storage monitoring device on your valuables, you will receive a notification should they be moved or touched.

Real-Time Monitoring

Get notified anywhere

The Skyhawk CE™ App is designed with simplicity at its core – customize your Skyhawk device to your needs to keep you notified.

Storage Unit Alert

Core Features

Multi-Use Sensor Technology

Sensors Built for Virtually Any Scenario

Monitor your storage unit(s) how you want to – make use of Skyhawk’s built-in motion detection, PIR sensor, or both.

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Remote Security

Monitor your storage unit and investments

With self-storage space increasing year-over-year across the United States due to rising demands, higher occupancy and traffic through self-storage facilities calls for a proactive approach to awareness and security for renters.

The ability to be notified as soon as possible with a self-storage monitoring solution of any disruptions, for example if your locker were to be accessed by someone other than yourself, gives you immediate peace of mind knowing your valuables and belongings are as you originally left them.

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Own/Manage Storage Facilities?

Add Skyhawk to your self-storage business

Skyhawk devices are designed to be easy to set up, reliable, and liability-free, allowing you the owner, to take an entirely hands-off approach to provide a remote self-storage monitoring solution.

Benefits of supplying Skyhawk devices at your facilities:

  • Recurring revenue with device sales and required subscriptions
  • The customer manages all setup and monitors their unit themselves
  • Setup is simple and quick for customers
  • Reliable LTE cellular connection and multi-year battery life ensure ongoing functionality

Contact us today to learn how Skyhawk can complement your facilities by providing a hassle-free remote self-storage monitoring solution for your tenants.

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*Wherever Verizon Wireless LTE coverage is available.
**Actual battery life depends upon the frequency of notifications and cellular network conditions.
All specifications are subject to change without notice.