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Skyhawk Kiwi Remote Asset Monitoring Device Now Available
Monitor Assets Almost Anywhere Without the Need for Wi-Fi or Power

DERRY, NEW HAMPSHIRE – After extensive real-world testing, PICA Product Development (PPD) is pleased to announce the commercial launch of the Skyhawk Kiwi. Skyhawk products are powered by a revolutionary new LTE cellular technology that functions cohesively with ultra-low power semiconductor technology, crafted with proprietary design techniques. The Skyhawk platform offers unsurpassed national coverage, low-deployment costs, and reliable monitoring products.

Compact, weatherproof, and cost-effective, the Kiwi is ideal for deployment in long-term remote monitoring applications with its built-in connectivity and internal power supply. The Kiwi features an easy to activate process through a modern iOS or Android mobile application and can be set up and deployed in minutes. Additionally, without the need for cumbersome local network configurations or password maintenance, the Kiwi supplies a highly secure connection ensuring peace of mind.

The Kiwi’s ubiquitous cellular coverage allows for virtually endless monitoring applications such as mailboxes, sheds, self-storage units, gun storage, cabinets containing sensitive material, marine assets, contractor assets, campgrounds and RV parks, trailers, vehicles, remote structures, and many more.

The Kiwi is also specially enhanced for animal trapping, as remote trap monitoring is vastly advantageous to users working with nuisance wildlife removal, conservation, protection, and relocation. It can dramatically increase the efficacy of humane trap and return efforts and permit volunteer groups to work cohesively with its shared notification features. Through close cooperation and assistance from the Skyhawk Kiwi’s premier distributors, the Kiwi’s exclusive trapping enhancements will add further value to the industry:

Tomahawk Live Trap, The leading manufacturer of live animal traps.
Wildlife Control Supplies, The leading supplier of general wildlife control supplies.

Animal trappers are encouraged to visit these premier distributors to learn more about the features of the Skyhawk Kiwi for trapping use. All others are invited to visit to learn more about the many other uses of the Skyhawk Kiwi.



Skyhawk, a product line of PICA Product Development, utilizes LTE Cat M1 and similar Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) mobile telecommunications technology to support our leading-edge IoT monitoring devices. All Skyhawk devices are engineered for ultra-long battery life, creating a “best-in-class” product line designed to be deployed in locations that do not offer easily accessible power or internet connections. Future Skyhawk products will include additional software offerings and numerous low-cost sensors to support additional use cases.

During its 25-year history, PICA has helped bring various innovative products to market including handheld barcode readers, smartphones and high-speed switching stations for the build-out of optical networks. With our extensive design and world-wide manufacturing resources, we are poised to be a leader in the burgeoning IoT revolution that will permit the cost-effective and ultra-reliable monitoring of places and things, that were previously not possible.


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Posted: September 24, 2019
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