Animal/Wildlife Management

Electronic Trap Monitoring

Real-time remote animal wildlife trap monitoring

Stop wasting time checking each trap and driving to and from sites – Skyhawk remote electronic trap monitoring technology notifies you in the moment.

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Trap Smarter Not Harder

We didn't build a better trap we just made your existing traps smarter.

Add remote monitoring to your trapping arsenal and get the job done more efficiently. Attach to almost any trap and get alerted with real-time trap activity notifications.

Attach It

Place the trap monitoring device anywhere on your trap. The optional entry sensor trapping kit can be attached to the door as well.

Trap It

When an animal enters the trap, Skyhawk is triggered by either the motion sensor or entry sensor.

Get Alerted

Once the trap monitoring device is triggered, alerts will be sent to the Skyhawk CE™ App, text, or email, depending on your configuration.

Full Control In Your Palm

Customize Skyhawk to suit your needs

The Skyhawk CE™ App is designed with simplicity at its core – customize your Skyhawk device to your needs to keep you notified.

Trap In-App Notification

Core Features

Multi-Use Sensor Technology

Sensors Built for Virtually Any Scenario

Monitor your trap activity how you want – make use of Skyhawk’s built-in motion detection, magnetic entry sensor, or both. (Magnet kit sold separately)

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Efficiency is the End Goal

Within your organization, how much time and money is needlessly wasted driving to and from sites, multiple times a day, checking dozens of traps out in the field only to realize that most are in fact empty?

Furthermore, most state regulations require that traps are checked at least once every 24 hours, and if there are a considerable number of traps in the field, checking every single one will quickly become a time and resource drain.

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Stay Aware of Activity

Skyhawk trap monitoring products can be attached to virtually any trapping product that you would like to monitor and receive real-time notifications for, by text, email, or through the Skyhawk CE™ app.

When movement is sensed or the trap door shuts, the internal motion sensor or entry sensor will trigger, sending a notification alert so that you can take the most efficient course of action.

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Through extensive testing and feedback provided by the experts in the trapping industry, we are proud to offer our products through our premier partnerships with Tomahawk Live Trap and Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS)

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**Actual battery life depends upon the frequency of notifications and cellular network conditions.
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