Skyhawk Kiwi - White (left) and Gray (right)

Know When a Trap Door Closes

Skyhawk’s Kiwi line of sensors transforms conventional live-capture traps into smart devices that notify users when activity is detected within moments.

Requiring no external power or Wi-Fi connection, Kiwis are ideal for deployment in remote areas with limited infrastructure.

Kiwi sensors help trappers and wildlife workers prioritize which traps to check, while limiting the time captured animals spend in a trap.

Dual Sensors

The Kiwi monitors for both magnet pulls and vibration to detect trap door closures

LTE Connection

Cellular coverage reaches where Wi-Fi can’t

Long-Lasting Battery

No need for external power; batteries typically last 2+ years

Portable. Durable. Reliable.

The Skyhawk Team worked with leading wildlife and trapping experts to design a rugged sensor that deploys in minutes and can withstand long deployments in the field without issue.

We also offer the Kiwi Sleeve, an accessory that helps protect your device from drops and shocks.

Eliminate checking empty traps. The Kiwi remote monitor enables you to keep tabs on your traps all from your smartphone. 

No Wi-Fi. No Power. No Problem

Watch a video on how a customer uses the Kiwi!

Read the Case Study on how St. Peter Pest Control increased revenue and profits using the Kiwi!

Kiwi Sleeve on Trap (side-front)

“I began employing the Kiwi cellular trap monitors from Skyhawk for 2021. I needed real-time monitoring and 100% reliability for the best possible experience for my valued customers. I was surprised by the ease of setup, the intuitive app interface and the flexibility of the unit. It can be used for every conceivable scenario and I believe is the only choice for the serious professional. And if there are questions, the customer service is beyond exceptional.”

-Jason Harkness
QC Wildlife Control

“I am in my second year of using the Skyhawk Kiwis. I have not had one single issue with anything only prompt and dependable service. As my business continues to grow I will continue to add more devices as they are an essential part of my business, saving me money and time, and also giving me peace of mind and not having to rely on the customer for catch verification. My state also recognizes these devices and complies with 24-hour check laws.”

-Carl Johnson
Great Lakes Nuisance Animal Control

The Skyhawk CE App

The Skyhawk CE App serves as the control center for all of your deployed Kiwi units. Monitor battery status, manage notifications, and add and remove sensors as needed through a streamlined user interface.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, Skyhawk CE receives regular updates to ensure mobile device compatibility and to add new features as the platform evolves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kiwi features a water-resistant design that allows it to function in inclement weather and outdoor applications.

The Kiwi’s LTE connection is included in your device’s monthly subscription, no additional cellular plan or SIM card is required.

No, all fees and activation requirements are handled by Skyhawk.