IoT Ideas Require a Capable Team & Platform

Hand-in-Hand Collaboration

Partner with our in-house development team to design, prototype, build, and manufacture turn-key IoT projects to scale from concept to reality.

Integrated Software & Hardware

Skyhawk’s patented, award-winning, and industry-proven full-stack IoT platform leverages our engineering team’s optimization expertise to integrate with virtually any design.

Integrated with LTE Connectivity

Compact, low-power, and energy-efficient connectivity that runs independently of Wi-Fi or power enables remote deployment virtually anywhere.

Scaled to Your Business Needs

As an original design manufacturer (ODM), Skyhawk’s reach and partners can provide your projects with the lowest industry-costs and lead-times on the market.

Decades of Partnership Bringing Innovative Product Solutions to Market

For years, our engineers and developers have worked together with organizations from various industries and verticals to design and implement solutions to solve problems big and small. Our reputation for realizing our clients’ visions has made us an industry leader and consistent technological innovator.

Skyhawk Turnkey Monitoring Solutions

Skyhawk monitoring solutions make it easy for end-users to deploy and remotely monitor their assets and personal belongings from virtually anywhere. The Skyhawk app delivers timestamped notifications and alerts directly to mobile devices. The result is a versatile line of devices that saves people and organizations time and money.

Have an idea or application requiring custom development?

Skyhawk’s core platform and in-house engineering and development team has the industry-proven experience and capability to bring your concepts and products to the connected world.