About Skyhawk

Who is Skyhawk?

Skyhawk, part of Pica Product Development and its affiliate, Pica Manufacturing Solutions (“PICA”, collectively), combines the considerable engineering and manufacturing capabilities of PICA to provide a full-stack IoT platform powered by a revolutionary new cellular technology, optimally engineered to accommodate small and large industrial and commercial-grade IoT solutions.

This unique platform is backed by our team’s decades of software and engineering experience, and allows us to provide valuable and cost-effective IoT monitoring solutions to multiple commercial and consumer vertical applications. Our patented, award-winning, and industry-proven ability to provide compact and energy-efficient designs for remote deployment started with the pest control and live trapping markets, and is constantly evolving to meet the demanding needs of today’s industries.

Our commitment to technical innovation, quality assurance, and cohesive integration of cutting-edge technology into our clients’ projects poises Skyhawk as an industry leader and IoT solution provider in today’s markets.

The PICA Group’s Story

The PICA Group, which consists of Pica Product Development and Pica Manufacturing Solutions, has successfully brought new and innovative products to market over the past 50 years. Our differentiation factor has been our deep understanding of the flex circuit fabrication and assembly processes, which has led us to pioneer the introduction of popular products that continue to be in high-demand today, such as smart phones and handheld barcode readers. The primary foundation on which the group was founded, and still holds true today, lies in our uniquely-positioned ability to provide the most innovative products possible to the market while maintaining cost-effectiveness and the lowest-possible lead-times.

Today, Pica Manufacturing Solutions is well-regarded as an industry leader in the wide production of flexible circuit assemblies and printed circuit boards, which has expanded to custom component fabrication and assemblies due to customer demand. Using our decades of tightly-integrated partnerships and global sourcing capabilities, we are consistently relied upon to support the development of the lowest-cost possible volume production on the market for the latest in-demand products by various industries.

Combining design, development, and manufacturing strength of Pica Product Development and Pica Manufacturing Solutions, the PICA Group looks into the near-term development of IoT that has already begun to take the world by storm. Our focus on blending hardware and software engineering will allow us to uniquely position ourselves as an industry-leader the design and development of new and exciting IoT-based technology.